Friday, 27 January 2017

Just Adorable

Good morning everyone
Well as the school holidays come to an end, I'm here to share another bright, fun layout for All About Scrapbooks

This ones about my teenage girl and I.
I teamed it with some of my leftovers from Amy Tangerine Oh Happy Life as these just co-ordinate so well!
As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for my teen girl and I. 
It contains really cool sayings like 'whatever' 'ummno'.
Things we actually say in our everyday life.
I started with white bazzill.
I applied white gesso fairly randomly across the page.
I then added some swipes of Dylusions paint in the centre of the page.
Once dry, I randomly flicked some black paint over the page.
I love the papers in the Simple Stories set - so ME with some colour plus black and white.
I tore a few strips of papers and added these to the left hand side of my layout, poking little tabs inbetween.
I also stapled some twine to these strips to create some texture and interest.
I also added some small strips to the right hand side of the layout.
I then bordered my photos and added these with a few strips of paper underneath.
I added some stickers to the layout and then added my 2Crafty title, painted black.
The final step was to write my journaling.
I really enjoyed creating this fun layout about my gorgeous teen girl and I and our attempt at selfies.
See you next week!

Friday, 20 January 2017

More of this please
by Tammy Klingner

Happy Friday everyone!!
This weeks layout for All About Scrapbooks is a bright and happy one.
For those who know my work you will know I am a big fan of colour!
I always seem to pair it with black.
I've done it again in this layout.
This layout uses bits and pieces from Amy Tangerine's Oh Happy Life.
I began with white cardstock, and applied a layer of white gesso.
This is a very important step - as you need the colour/spritz you add to sit on top of the paper.
If you miss this step, your background will absorb the liquid and you won't be able to achieve the desired effect.
The inspiration from this layout came from the 'happy' strip in a gradual rainbow of colour.
I used this as a guide when using my spritzes, as I wanted the colours to follow that pattern.
I still managed to muddle it up! LOL
However, instead of starting again I just went with it.
So I selected a few colours to spray, and started on the left hand side of my layout.  I spritzed some colour, and then spritzed water on top of this to create a 'run' in the colour. 
I held it up letting it run down the page.
I moved straight to the next colour, without letting it dry inbetween as I wanted the colours to blend together. That is how I achieved the orange colour.
Once I'd moved across the entire page, and then allowed it all to dry,  I added a few strips of paper to the top of the page. 
I bordered my photos with black and then each one in a different co-ordinating paper.
I added these to my layout with foam tape.
I then fussy cut my title from one of the papers and added this also with foam tape.
I then stamped tiny arrows/play symbols randomly across the painted surface, ensuring they pointed inwards towards the centre of the layout.
I added a few flicks of black paint too.
I finished off with some 2Crafty arrows which I painted black.
I also cut some arrows from a paper, plus a quote and added these too.
Finally, and most importantly I added my journaling.
That's it from me for this week!

Friday, 13 January 2017


Good morning everyone.
Today I'm sharing a layout created for All About Scrapbooks about my One Little Word for 2017.....Light.
Each year I participate in Ali Edwards' One Little Word.  For more information go HERE.
 I select a word each year as a guide, as something to focus on and keep me grounded.
This year it's Light.
If you would like to read more about why I selected that word, you can go to my blog post HERE.
This page consists of lots of layers.
I really wanted to add some journaling, so I didn't do any mixed media on this layout!
I know!
I added some 2Crafty Chipboard, painting it first.
I then added lots of little inspirational sayings and quotes that suited the theme of the layout, and finally my journaling down the left hand side.
I'll be back again soon to share some more.

Monday, 9 January 2017

My first 2Crafty Design Team share!

Hi everyone.....I'm super excited to be over on the 2Crafty blog today.  I'm still pinching myself that I am on their AMAZING Design Team.  Seriously, the inspiration up on that blog is incredible.
Do yorself a favour and go take a look......

So today I share my first two Designs with you.....

My first layout is titled
 This layout is for and about my teenage daughter, so I wanted to use bright colours teamed with black to go with the 'teen' feel.

I used the following 2 Crafty Chipboard:
Triangle Set
Zig Zag Borders
Polaroid Frames
Fine Heart Borders
Line Words - Happiness Borders
Indian Feathers Set

 I painted the polaroid frames a number of bright colours that went with the papers I had selected.  I then stamped them randomly with black Staz-on and a small chevron stamp. 

I used the same technique on the feathers. 
I made sure the stamping was fairly random, I certainly didn't want them to look 'perfect'.

I added a zig zag chevron border, painting it bright pink.

As my layout was very bright, I added black as a contrast to set off the colours.

I painted the fine heart border and a few triangles black.  I turned these on their side to look more like arrows or 'play symbols'.

 I painted the word 'happiness' from the line border pack black too. 
The black is really grounding against the bright colours, and helps direct the eyes into the page.

I'm really happy with how this layout turned out.
It suits my teenage girl perfectly.

My second layout is titled


and is about a cute little moment I captured between 2 cousins who were meeting for the first time.

For this layout I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard:

Lattice Leaf Set
Mini Branches
Mini Travel Words Set 2
Assorted Arrows
Polaroid Frames
Film Strips Small


I used 'discover' for  my title from the Mini Travel Words Set 2.
 I painted it black and then added Dimensional Magic to give it a high gloss/resin finish.

I also did the same with the Assorted Arrows, the lattice leaves and the film strip.

With the mini branches, I coated them in a few coats of white gesso and then stamped over the top using Black Staz-On and a script stamp.
I love how this adds extra texture, and allows me to add more layers.

To bring in some more contrast and texture, I embossed one of the polaroid frames using an aged metal emboss powder.  I love the finish!!

Thanks for popping by, I hope you've found inspiration here today.
I can't wait to share more designs next month.

Much scrappy love,

Friday, 6 January 2017

Hello Wilna!!

Good morning!
Today I'm sharing a layout for All About Scrapbooks I created about meeting the fabulous Wilna Furstenberg!
I was lucky enough to attend a retreat last year that she attended.
Whilst there I got to take a couple of her classes, and really enjoyed getting to know her.
She is gracious, sweet, funny, bubbly and of course super talented and inspiring.
I used one of Wilna's techniques for the background - painting directly onto white cardstock.
I then went crazy adding lots of gorgeous 2Crafty Chipboard.
I painted some and even embossed some too!
I haven't done that for ages!
I then added a few embellishments from the Bella Boulevard You are Loved Range.
I cut lots of little flags from the leftovers and included them too.
A fun, bright, happy page that I hope you enjoy.
Much love

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Scrap the Girls January 2017 Challenge

Good morning!!

Happy 1st of 2017!!! Wishing you a fabulous year full of creativity and joy.

So as it's a new month, there's a new challenge over at Scrap the Girls and it is amazing!!

Here it is:
Amazing right?
So here's my take on it:

I was inspired by so much!! I went with the colour palette, the title, and the Bollywood inspired etchings.

I even added a bit of Wilna Furstenberg who inspires me so much..... I used one of her amazing watercolour embellishents, and then I attempted to get my Wilna on by painting directly onto the page with watercolours.  Gosh I enjoyed this....I actually had to step away from the page I got so into it!

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.  This month there's a great prize pack from Rainbow Splendour.
So don't forget to head on over to Scrap the Girls and see the rest of the Design Team's take on the challenge (so inspiring), and also don't forget to LINK UP!


One Little Word 2017

Hello everyone.

I'm here to share my one little word for 2017.

I've been selecting a word each year for a while now.

I'm a big fan of Ali Edwards who created this concept.  You can read more about it HERE

Instead of making resolutions, which let's face it, we rarely achieve, which then causes guilt, which creates negativity, I prefer to select a word, to have as a guide throughout the year. I think it's a more positive way of thinking plus I love words!!

Previous words that I have connected with are:

Some have been hugely powerful, and really caused a year of self reflection and personal growth.  Some are still a big part of my life, and I focus on them regularly.

So 2017.  This year my word chose me.  I started seeing it everywhere.  Hearing it everywhere.  I found it coming into my mind often.  So I've decided to listen.
This year I welcome LIGHT.

There are so many quotes which incorporate the word light that I love.
The above one "There is light even in the darkest places" is a great one.

Here's a few more favourites:
I love the positive spin of this one and look forward to where that will take me.

This one has been a favourite for a long time - it's on the back of our toilet door with a few more favourites!!
I love this!!

Some of my initial thoughts about the word Light and areas I aim to explore are:

Let your heart be light - At times I carry a lot around with me - in my head and in my heart. At times this weighs me down.  I've tried listening to advice from others, and have attempted to "let it go", but I can't seem to do this - I just end up singing! LOL! These things that weigh me down are a part of me. They've happened to me and they aren't going away.  I'm thinking that focusing on the light, and the concept of not letting it weigh me down, staying light, finding the positive spin is a better option, an option I can live with.

Look for the light - I've always been a massive fan of light.  When I see a photo I love, it is usually because of the light in it.  When I'm out walking, or sometimes when I walk into a room I will notice this amazing light that makes me stop in my tracks.  My kids can vouch that I often say "Stop look outside, look at that amazing light".  I want to notice more of these moments.  The simple beauty in the world.  The light that surrounds us each day. Sunrises, sunsets and all the light inbetween.

Be the light - I want to feel lighter (I touched on this before), and I also want to be a light to others, be an example to my children, be that light they can come to whenever they need.  I want to support others and connect with them.

Lighten up - I want to have FUN! Fun with my partner, my kids, my friends.  My kids are growing up fast and I'm very aware that they are becoming more independent.  Currently, they still LOVE hanging out with me, and I relish this.  I want to focus on this.  Play board games, talk to them, listen to them, tell silly jokes etc etc whilst they are still willing!!!

I can't wait.  I can already feel it's a good fit.

I'd love for you to share with me your word if you have one.

Welcome 2017 and welcome Light.