Thursday, 16 April 2015


I'm so thrilled to let you all know that the fabulous Emzascrapper aka Emma Zappone and I have teamed up to create a brand new little project for us called Kit the Habit. Yippee!!

So what is it all about? 

Well you see Emma and I worked together in my previous business Go Scrap Yourself - a scrapbooking store in Clare, South Australia, which sold all things scrappy and held scrapbooking classes for adults and children.  I have such wonderful memories of my time in this role ( 7 years) and had such a wonderful connection with so many of my customers.  That's one of the things I love about this craft, it connects you to others on an emotional level.  You see, you share lives, stories, emotions, as well as techniques and ideas. 
There's nothing more powerful than the natural support that occurs when groups of women get together.  It's what I miss most about the my shop.  In fact my days often consisted of everything but scrapbooking.....the shop was so many things to so many people....
One of my dear customers said to me "its where we came when we were happy, where we came when we were was a big part of all of us".
Yep couldn't sum it up better myself. 
I still feel so privileged to have had this in my life for so long.

Anyway I think I've digressed!  Emma started as a customer but her enthusiasm, passion and talent was so strong, that it wasn't long before she was running classes! 
We instantly clicked and we have remained great friends ever since. 

So 12 months ago, I sold my business, and well I am truly sad to say that it has since closed down....leaving a massive void in the community of Clare.

So.....we've decided to come back! Of course it will be in a different form, as we both work in other jobs and also have our families as our number one priorities. 
Our aim is to inspire the community in both Clare and beyond by bringing you lots of scrapbooking ideas, projects etc. 
We will also run some scrapping days, where we will teach, and we are hoping to create some pretty cool kits full of awesome scrappy goodies which we will release every so often. 
Well a number of reasons.  I miss everyone. I love hanging out with Emma. Also I want people to continue to enjoy this craft, and sometimes we just need a bit of support to do just that.  I totally get that life takes over, the craziness of life sometimes leaves not a lot of room left to gather up your inspiration and actually scrap. So we hope by sharing our work, it will keep scrapping alive in you.  You see, I believe it will always be a part of my life in one way or another.....I love recording memories, telling stories, but I also LOVE the ME time, the creative outlet it gives me to PLAY!  I want to encourage others to do the same, and I want to SEE and FEEL that magic that happens when women gather together.

So I hope you join us!
We are still in the planning can find us on Facebook as Kit the Habit, and hopefully we will have a blog to share soon.

Just a heads up.....we will be holding our first scrappy day called Scrap Awesome with an R....(ha ha - for those of you who have attended the previous Create-a-thons you may know this joke).... a day of scrapping with classes taught by Emma Zappone, myself and special guest, the fabulous Natalie May  aka Happydaks on Saturday 30th May. 
Stay tuned for further details.

Exciting times......


  1. This sounds awesome Tammy and Emma. I bet you will be making a lot of Clare (and surrounds) very happy with this news! Good luck and have fun with it all! xxx Vicki

  2. Oh wow, best of luck to you both.

  3. This looks and sounds so exciting!!! I really hope I can make it to one of these events soon! Congratulations!!! Enjoy the adventure xx

    1. Thanks Fi....bed at my place if you can ever make it! Ohhh the fun we would have!