Friday, 29 April 2016

My World....designing for All About Scrapbooks

Hello everyone!
Today I'm sharing my latest work for All About Scrapbooks, my absolute favourite scrappy store! This layout features some papers from the last Basic Grey Range ever created - the B Side. 
Oh how I love this range!
Fun, bright colours, with lots of great sayings. 
I created a  couple of pages with this range a couple of months ago, and I still had plenty left, so thought I'd have a go at using some more up.
As this range is typically aimed at a tween girl, I decided to throw in an extra challenge for myself, and create a layout featuring my son.  You see this range has some great yellows and teals, and they were screaming out at me to be used.  I dug around and found grey woodgrain paper from Simple Stories. Perfect, as woodgrain has a masculine feel.
I swiped gesso over my background and then added spritz and random stamping. 
I then layered up with embellishments and paper off cuts.
I used 2 Crafty Chipboard for my title (I actually chopped up a title, and already have a plan to use the other half - yep no wastage here).  I also used 2Crafty chipboard to highlight my photo, and to add texture to the background.
 I created the black circles by making my own stamp.
I just added paint to an old toilet roll end, and used it as a stamp,  Cool huh??
And because I don't like to clean up unless I HAVE to, I created a Project Life Spread out of the rest of the paper from the range.
I'm really trying to keep up. Only a few weeks behind at the moment.  I love how bright and colourful this week is - and I've included the pink!
Here's the left side:
I wanted to include more 'Sports Day' pics but I didn't want it to take up any more spots in the week, so I added one of my flaps:
And here's the right side:
And that's it from me! Well for now anyway.....

Friday, 22 April 2016

All About Scrapbooks Design Work

Hi everyone!
Happy FriYay! 
Today I'm here to share my latest Design Work For All About Scrapbooks - a layout I created with just a few pieces of paper from Crate Paper's Wonder Collection.
This layout began with the photo. 
I was sent this photo recently (taken 4 years ago) of myself and my beautiful girl. 
 I was overcome with emotion, as she looks so little! 
She is now 14 and blossoming into an amazing woman, and this photo really highlighted that for me - how much she has changed in the last four years, and how much she will continue to change in the next few.
I knew immediately I had to scrap it.
I wanted to go with soft colours.
You see, my girl loves strong bright colours (like me), but I wanted to go softer, as a contrast to complement and highlight the story, and the emotions I was feeling.
So I teamed some of the softer colours from the Wonder Collection with Kraft and soft pink and gold. 
I really enjoyed creating with these colours, and it was something different for me.
I couldn't  help add in some strong black though.
Anyway, here is the layout:
I applied gesso to my background paper, then added some soft spritz and flicks of gold.
I then layered up with papers, adding in some doilies, and 2Crafty Chipboard Clump Hearts to complement the softness.
Most of my papers were cut from the paper with the tags - I love it when a company creates a paper like this.  I sit and cut out the bits and then use them to tuck in and around my photo.
I discovered some Basic Grey Cork Stickers that complemented the layout, so I added them in too.
And finished it off with a few gold embellies.
I'm really glad I journalled and documented this photo!
For those who know my work, know that I usually create 'something' out of the leftovers on my desk, whether it be a Project Life Spread, or a card.  I find everything leftover co-ordinates so well that I can whip something up really quickly.
This week, I created a Card:
The only extra piece I added was the chipboard frame. 
Everything else was leftover from the layout.
That's it for today.
Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Simple Stories 45 minute challenge!

I'm here to share my latest work for All About Scrapbooks.
This week I've been playing with Simple Stories Life in Color range.
I just LOVE it!
I love the colours, the phrases, the cameras, everything!
For this page, I set myself a challenge.
You see when it comes to my precious creative time, I sometimes I feel like I waste a lot of time by shuffling the papers around, and by procrastinating. 
I want everything to be 'just so', and sometimes I walk away feeling like I haven't achieved much.
So for this page, I set the timer on my phone, for 45 minutes.
Ready Set Go!
I was determined to be finished before the timer went off.  And I did.
It was fun.  I pretty much had to just DO IT! Not think about it, just cut and stick!
I'm happy with what I created.  It definitely helped that I got out some papers and embellishments from a 'range' and stuck with that!  It reduced my choices, and I knew it all co-ordinated - the hard work was done for me.
I even had time to add a bit of mixed media, with some paint smearing and stamping.
Whilst the range was still on my desk, as I've been doing lately, I tackled a Project Life Spread.
My biggest tip for this, if you would like to do the same is to order the 3x4 and 6x4 cut out papers from the range.
I start with these as my base, and then out of the scraps from my layout, I trim a few to these sizes as well.  This prevents all your pockets having quotes, it allows you to have some background-ish pockets to add photo to - and yet it's still co-ordinated.
And the right side:
I again added in a flap using washi tape, and back to back photos.  This allows me to add more into my Project Life weeks.
That's it for now, I'll be back soon!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Another play with Kit the Habit's CRAZY release!

Well I just can't stop playing with our latest release at Kit the Habit. 
So much fun. So bright. So happy!! CRAZY!

This time I went with a patterned background.

I applied clear gesso, and then added some yellow paint.  I spritzed water onto the paint, to make it more fluid, and then let it run down the page a little. I kinda stuffed up this part a bit, but my take on this is to just go with I did.  I ended up adding a few more layers underneath the photo to cover up my mistake, and guess what, all good! Only I would know....and now all of you too! Lol.  But seriously, don't sweat the small stuff, embrace those stuff-ups - let them lead you on a different's only paper.

I added a bit of spritz on top of this, and a few flicks of pink paint. (again in an attempt to cover up).

I then layered up with a few PL cards.  This page came together really quickly.

I added some 2Crafty Chipboard, which I covered with scrap paper. 
I grabbed the triangle die cuts, and once I popped them on the page, there was very little else I needed to add.  They looked great!!
A few strips of 'Randoms', a flair, some thread and those gorgeous little orange acrylic shapes (LOVE LOVE LOVE) pulled it all together.
I love how bright and happy this layout is.

I love how the 'Randoms' and the embellishments suit my scrapping.  I love that  they are just so usable for our everyday stories. So much of what's out there is 'perfect moment' and sayings like that, and well let's face it, my life is far from perfect, and I'm pretty sure yours isn't either. 
Although its far from perfect it's MY life, and I want to remember it and capture it as it is - I love that the 'Randoms' allow me to do that!

I hope you've been inspired, and I can't wait to see what you do with our CRAZY Kit!!

Here's a reminder of it:

If you'd like to order one, pop on over to our Facebook Group HERE and leave a comment on the photo, and we'll be in touch. 

There's some fabulous work (amazing, love it) people are posting with this CRAZY kit in the Facebook Group, including layouts by my Kit the Habit other half, the fabulous Emzascrapper so be sure to check it out.

Love Tam

Friday, 8 April 2016

Carpe Diem!

Hi everyone!
This week, as part of my Design Team Work for All About Scrapbooks,  I'm sharing a layout I created using Simple Stories Carpe Diem
This is a gorgeous range.  I love the bright, happy colours.
I chose to go with a white background as my photo was really bright. 
 I added watercolour to the background - I went with blue to go with the water in the photo, and added yellow as it was fresh and summery.
I cut a few strips and attached these to the right hand side of the page. 
Instead of layering papers behind my photo, I used a variety of chipboard frames from the range.
I adore these!! I use frames often in my layouts, I love tucking them behind layers.
But I think these may be my favourites!
I then added some 2Crafty Chipboard - I used both the messy heart, and the small mini hearts.  I painted them in matching colours to my layout.
I then added a few embellishments.
That's about it!
Quick, fun, and summery!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Playing with Kit the Habit's CRAZY release

Hi everyone.

Many of you know how excited I am about Kit the Habit's latest release. YUP!!!
So I'm here to share a layout I created using it.

So much fun to play with this one.
I can't wait to share the rest of the stuff I've made.....

I started with white cardstock.  I applied transparent gesso, to seal it.

I then added some spritz using a technique I use often.  I grab a bit of clear plastic - you know the kind that is found around packaging (yep, keep everything!)  I then applied a couple of sprays of spritz directly to this plastic, and then added a couple of spritzes of water.
 I turn this over and pat it onto my cardstock.  I find it gives me more control of my spritz, and I can get it where I want it, rather than rely on my spraying!! (I'm sure we've all had those fails), and also it gives a stronger depth of colour than misting.

I then cut one of the PL cards in half and used it as a strip on my layout.  I love using frames on layouts, so I made my own!  I cut into a few PL cards to create a frame shape. I then layered these up with a few other PL cards.
I love the quotes along the edges of the cards.  They are perfect for not only  Project Life but also Scrapbooking, as they can be layered, and you can choose whether to have the quote showing or not!
'Calm ya Farm' is something the kids and I say, a lot! 

I added some 2Crafty Chipboard triangles, covering them in scraps of paper.  I also love how the 'negative' part of the chipboard can then be used as a stencil.  Finally I added a few embellies to finish it off.  I just LOVE LOVE that acrylic word!!

All the contents of the CRAZY Kit have been exclusively designed by the gorgeous Emzascrapper and myself for this release, with the exception of the chipboard.  We have used a lot of the 'things we say', and well its just about as crazy as we are. 
I love the little phrases in this release.  Inspiration for them came from our everyday life - the things the kids and I say, especially a few that make us laugh.  I'm guessing mine and Em's crazy household isn't the only ones that use these random sayings.
I'm also majorly crushing on the NEW Acrylic word and embellies! So gorgeous!  We are so happy with how these turned out, they will be found in future kits too!
And I'm such a flair girl.  I rarely do a layout without one!

If you missed the kit, or for a reminder, here it is:

If you'd like to grab one, go to our Facebook Group HERE (if you're not a member, we will approve you asap), and just comment 'Sold' on the Kit photo, and we will be in touch.

And that's a wrap!
I'll be back real soon with another layout.....

Monday, 4 April 2016

Kit the Habit's second release!!

I'm beyond thrilled to share Kit the Habit's next release.....

Last release was all about softness, feathers, corals and mint.
This one is bold!
It's all about CRAZY!!
Think Hot Pink, Hot Mint, Black, White and a splash of orange/yellow!
Think of the crazy things you say and do (my kids had a bit part in this one!), like Er-Mer-Gerd, Calm ya Falm etc
Think of funky cacti........
Think of triangles and plus symbols......

And you have.........

I absolutely love it!
We've added in acrylic words and shapes (OMG - LOVE LOVE LOVE), acetate, and extra Project Life cards.
Plus we've included the things you loved last time.....'Little Bits of Randoms', flairs, metallic cards, cut-outs to name a few.

Here's the Acrylics:
And the Die Cuts:

Again, we've designed/made it ourselves.  We've included quirky bits that we feel are 'missing' in the industry.  Often, when I'm scrapping I think.... I wish I had '(insert cool quote/item here)' - and that is where the inspiration comes from.

Again, we've added in one of my absolute favourite pieces of chipboard from 2Crafty - we're thrilled to have them onboard - yes you often see these awesome triangles in my work.
Excited much??

The full kit is available for $34 plus $4 postage and handling.

You can join our Facebook Kit the Habit group Here, and order from there.

I'll be back to share what I've been creating with all this COOL stuff!!


Friday, 1 April 2016

Scrap the Girls - April Challenge

Hi everyone
Well another month has flown by, seriously, how does that happen??

A new month, means a new challenge.....and this month it's a goodie.  A gorgeous Mood Board.
I love mood boards.  I love how they force me to create out of my comfort zone.
This one particularly made me do this.
Here it is:

Now don't get me wrong, it is absolutely stunning!! But it's not my 'go to' colours.  Although I adore pastels, I rarely go there, so I love how this mood board forced me to!
Here's my take on the challenge:

As you can see, I was inspired by the colours, the circles and the gorgeous gold quote - in particular the word 'Happy'.
I love it!! I loved creating it. I loved doing something totally different.  I loved that it took me somewhere I wouldn't normally go.

So I hope you join in this month.
I hope this mood board inspires you (how could it not), and like me, if it's not your usual style, I hope you have a go, play, get messy, and see where it takes you.

I can't wait to see your entries.

My latest Design work for All About Scrapbooks

Today I'm sharing my latest Design Work for All About Scrapbooks.
I've had a play with Fancy Pants Happy Place Collection again.
I just LOVE this collection. 
The colours work for boy layouts, girl layouts, any kind of layout really.
This layout is about a recent concert I went to at a Winery in South Australia.
I really loved this photo, and seeing this band has always been on my bucket list, so I really wanted to scrap the occasion.
I just love 'word' paper, and the one in this range has the most adorable quotes on it.  So that was an easy choice for the background.
I then applied some gesso and some spritz before adding my photo and embellishments.
The die cuts and embellishments in this range are fantastic.
They really make adding the finishing touches so very easy.
This layout is pretty busy, however printing the photo in black and white, allows it to contrast against the pops of bold colours
Also, be sure to keep your embellishments clustered, as this helps draw the eye into the layout.
I'll be back again very soon!
Have a great weekend!