Sunday, 1 January 2017

One Little Word 2017

Hello everyone.

I'm here to share my one little word for 2017.

I've been selecting a word each year for a while now.

I'm a big fan of Ali Edwards who created this concept.  You can read more about it HERE

Instead of making resolutions, which let's face it, we rarely achieve, which then causes guilt, which creates negativity, I prefer to select a word, to have as a guide throughout the year. I think it's a more positive way of thinking plus I love words!!

Previous words that I have connected with are:

Some have been hugely powerful, and really caused a year of self reflection and personal growth.  Some are still a big part of my life, and I focus on them regularly.

So 2017.  This year my word chose me.  I started seeing it everywhere.  Hearing it everywhere.  I found it coming into my mind often.  So I've decided to listen.
This year I welcome LIGHT.

There are so many quotes which incorporate the word light that I love.
The above one "There is light even in the darkest places" is a great one.

Here's a few more favourites:
I love the positive spin of this one and look forward to where that will take me.

This one has been a favourite for a long time - it's on the back of our toilet door with a few more favourites!!
I love this!!

Some of my initial thoughts about the word Light and areas I aim to explore are:

Let your heart be light - At times I carry a lot around with me - in my head and in my heart. At times this weighs me down.  I've tried listening to advice from others, and have attempted to "let it go", but I can't seem to do this - I just end up singing! LOL! These things that weigh me down are a part of me. They've happened to me and they aren't going away.  I'm thinking that focusing on the light, and the concept of not letting it weigh me down, staying light, finding the positive spin is a better option, an option I can live with.

Look for the light - I've always been a massive fan of light.  When I see a photo I love, it is usually because of the light in it.  When I'm out walking, or sometimes when I walk into a room I will notice this amazing light that makes me stop in my tracks.  My kids can vouch that I often say "Stop look outside, look at that amazing light".  I want to notice more of these moments.  The simple beauty in the world.  The light that surrounds us each day. Sunrises, sunsets and all the light inbetween.

Be the light - I want to feel lighter (I touched on this before), and I also want to be a light to others, be an example to my children, be that light they can come to whenever they need.  I want to support others and connect with them.

Lighten up - I want to have FUN! Fun with my partner, my kids, my friends.  My kids are growing up fast and I'm very aware that they are becoming more independent.  Currently, they still LOVE hanging out with me, and I relish this.  I want to focus on this.  Play board games, talk to them, listen to them, tell silly jokes etc etc whilst they are still willing!!!

I can't wait.  I can already feel it's a good fit.

I'd love for you to share with me your word if you have one.

Welcome 2017 and welcome Light.


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