Sunday, 6 May 2018

"Life is Wonderful" by 2Crafty Chipboard

Hi there, today I'm sharing my latest creation for 2Crafty Chipboard.
 It's titled:

"Life is Wonderful"

A layout that celebrates a recent weekend away at the beach in an amazing house.
The best thing about it was that we were altogether..... you see we live across the other side of the world from each other so having 3 generations hanging out in one place was extra wonderful, and doing some of those everyday things together meant the world.

I used the following 2Crafty Chipboard on this one:
'Life is Wonderful' title
'Jenna's Frame'
'Beaded Hanging Heart Set'
'Moroccan Bits'

I painted both the 'Jenna's Frame' and the 'Life is Wonderful title' in a couple of coats of white gesso, and then some white acrylic paint.
As the background was filled with so much colour, I felt the white was grounding as well as being a great contrast against the black background.
I just love the script font for the title.
It's perfect for sitting on top of photos!
Between all the layers, I added in some 'Moroccan Bits'.
I painted them in black paint to go with the background.
I love the texture this gives to the layers.
I then added a teal colour ink to the hanging part of the 'Beaded Hanging Heart Set'.
I removed the heart and turned them on the side and added them in to the layers, to create extra interest.
I really like how the circular shapes contrast well with the painted straight lines on the background.

Love all the glorious colour combined with the black background!!
Makes my heart happy!
So that's it from me today. 
I hope you make the time to do something creative that makes your heart happy.

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