Friday, 21 July 2017

Finger painting fun!!

Currently I'm recovering from surgery.

6 weeks of not doing much. 

Thankfully I'm doing really well.....but you know how after surgery  your brain turns to mush.  So I imagined time for reading, scrapping, netflixing. Woohoo. 

But so far it hasn't happened.  Believe me I've tried.  I think I've read the same page of my book 5 times and still can't tell you what it was about. And as for scrapping.....well I sit at my desk and just stare.

So I decided to totally shake it up.

Finger painting!!

I've always wanted to try painting.  But I've always got a million excuses why I can't.
I've got no time
I can't do it
My paints are old
I can't do it
I need to clean the house
I can't do it
..................yep you get the picture.

So right now I'm all out of excuses. 

No time like the present.

I got out an old book and got started......

Sooo much fun!  All with my fingers! Oh except those lines....I made them using an old credit card.

My gosh did I surprise myself. 

I then created this......

For this I used cotton buds and my fingers.

Time to get I got out my Dylusions Art Journal that I've been hoarding for years, too scared to use.....

My kids were so impressed and desperately want me to try a canvas......oh but a canvas!
That terrifies me!! Paper I know - paper is just paper.

Well they convinced me to have a go, so you know start small....

My plan is to graduate to larger canvases.
But I'm still scared.
So I'll keep practising in my art journal.....
Love the colours in this one.

Some of my paints were a bit dry and I  had no red (WHAT!!) so I've ordered some lovely fresh paints from my favourite artsy store Scrap Matrix.......can't wait.

I'm quite nervous sharing this post.....oh the critic in me is jumping up and down with all sorts of statements.  But the inner child who so enjoys the mess and focuses on the feeling and the joy that comes when painting is trying desperately to drown her out.......

Watch this space.



  1. Freaking gorgeous Tam - sending you lots of love

  2. So lovely! And so great that you were able to enjoy yourself doing it!
    A new direction for you! Clever lady😀
    Hang in there you'll be back to your old self soon! With new skills what's more!!