Thursday, 8 December 2016

December Daily!

Hi everyone

Well a few days ago I decided to jump in and complete a December Daily book for this year!

Yes, call me crazy for adding something else into this month, but there is a reason for my madness.
You see I really want to savour the moments.
I really want to slow down and notice the magic.
I want to take notice of the smaller details in this month that can whizz by in a blur.

I completed my first one two years ago.
Last year I incorporated my festive stuff into my Project Life for the year.

Just a few days ago I grabbed that 2014 book and popped it on display as part of my Christmas decorations. 
Everytime I walked passed it, I felt the stirrings, the little creative voice popping in to say hi (well at first, but eventually it became a pretty demanding holler).
So I stopped and sat down and flicked through the book. 
I was flooded with emotion, with memories, with stories.

Yes, I need to do this again.

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a big fan of Ali Edwards.  I think it's her words, the way she puts them together, the way she tells the stories.  It speaks to my heart, and I always have this overwhelming urge to go and be creative after reading her stuff.
You can read more about Ali's December Daily here

So before I jumped in, I decided to set myself some ground rules to make this a little easier.

Firstly, I would follow Ali's mantra to just record one story each day.  In 2014 I tried to include everything from everyday and this just felt a bit overwhelming.  This year I plan to focus on a word each day and tell the story from there.  Some maybe Christmas related, some not, but all will capture our lives.

Secondly, I would NOT buy any product for this project. (Really?!? Breathe, Tammy breathe)
Last time I purchased an Ali Edwards December Daily Kit.  Oh man, it was awesome, but I have tonnes of leftovers from all sorts of projects and I just love mixing up my supplies, so I decided to just go for it.

So here goes.....

I found a Simple Stories Snap album I had laying around.

Here's the cover:

I love it!  You may recognise some product on here - those letters are from about 8-9 years ago!
Yay, go me!

Here's a look at my reason's why:

You can see Day 1 peeking through in the background......I'll be back very soon to share that with you all.

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