Thursday, 8 December 2016

December Daily Day 4

So Day 4 is all about the CRAZY!!

Silliness is something we do well in this household, especially as the kids are growing up, and are teenagers now! Lots of sarcasm and wit used in our daily lives.  I love it and wanted to capture this stage,  so thought I would create a day about it.

I used the back of the Kraft divider from the album.  I applied gesso and added my journaling.  I also included those old die cut letters from 8-9 years ago, but bought them into the now by tracing one of the letters, and cutting it from a bold black and white stripe, which gives it a more modern feel.

On the right hand side I cut a pocked page in half.  I didn't have enough photos to fill the whole pocket, plus the photos didn't fit the configuration.   I will use the other half later.

Here's the back of the trimmed down pocket page, plus I've included my journaling and a few photos that enhance the journaling.

That finishes off my Day 4.

Day 4 won't be long!

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