Friday, 4 March 2016

Celebrating YOU!

So it's Friday already???
Where did the week go?
I did find time in the craziness of life to create this layout for my favourite scrappy store All About Scrapbooks.
It's all about my son and his graduation from Primary School.   I know right!?! Graduation from Primary School! Yep he's now at High School! Year 7 at Middle School, on the Senior School Campus. Say WHAT!  Anyway, I couldn't be more prouder of him each and every day, but I really wanted to document this moment in our lives.
For this layout I used a 'bit' of this, and a 'bit' of that. 
Specifically, from Fancy Pants Happy Place, and Cocoa Vanilla Made of Awesome (some of you may remember I created a graduation book for my son earlier this year with this range) - I grabbed the leftovers. 
The link to the book is HERE for those of you who missed it.
I started with a piece of kraft cardstock.  The colour matches my son's pants. 
The cardstock piece  I chose has a gorgeous woodgrain pattern embossed into it.  To enhance this I swiped a few spots with gesso, and then added some spritz.  This really 'showed off' the woodgrain. 
I then added some spritz, and a few layers and strips of leftover papers.
I always enjoy adding the embellishments, and finding the 'right' pieces.  I admit, I probably spend too long on this part, but it's so much fun!  I love rummaging through stickers, flairs, chipboard, words, etc.  I'm like a kid in a candy store!
I added some 2Crafty Chipboard Stars, as they suited the theme perfectly, and finished off the layout. I played around painting them a few different colours, before deciding on embossing them in a metallic finish.
I needed an older male birthday card this week, so whipped one up with what was sitting on my desk after creating this layout........
I added a patterned base to the card, and then added a few strips of leftovers.  I tore a few edges, to prevent it from looking to 'square' and 'blocky'.  I then added a 2Crafty Chipboard Star, which I had embossed with a metallic finish, and a few random stickers, some thread and of course a few mandatory flicks of spritz!
I kept the cluster to the bottom right corner, as the paper I had used was drawing the eye to that focal point.  If I had put the cluster anywhere else, it would have been too overwhelming and confusing to the eye. 
I love how all the 'boy' colours work so well together.
Well that's it for now, I'll see you again soon!
Have a great weekend!!

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