Friday, 4 December 2015

Minecraft Mania - All About Scrapbook Designing

Hi everyone, so I'm back to share another layout I designed for the wonderful scrapbook store All About Scrapbooks
 What a crazy time of year this is, I struggle to balance everything that Term 4 throws at me! Plus combine that with tired kids, the Christmas preparation, extra work shifts (I work in retail), and the rest of life's surprises and you've got chaos!
I try to make time in there to scrap......yep it's hard to find the time, everything else can seem more important. But I've learnt to make it a priority, because when I do, I find it re-energises me.  It helps me to cope with the madness.  It calms my soul.
I hope that you can schedule some creative time for yourself too.
Trust me, you'll be glad you did.
This weeks layout features a photo from Book Week, earlier in the year. 
I have a daughter who is an avid reader, and a son who would rather be doing pretty much anything else!  So this year when it came to Book Week he was  pretty uninspired, but Mum had other ideas.
So to try and grab his interest I came up with the idea of Steve from Minecraft. Yes I know it's not a 'real' book character, but sometimes you've gotta break your own rules and go with whatever will work and engage.
So my son loved the concept.  He may not love to read (it's the sitting still that's the problem), but he loves to be creative, so we hunted for boxes, cut out stacks of little squares from coloured paper, and got to work.
And this layout shows the end result.  He did most of it himself, and was very pleased with his efforts.
Firstly I smeared paint randomly across my page, and then I hunted for as many square or 'box' looking things I could find.  I used stencils, stamps and the 2Crafty Chipboard was perfect!!
I was also pretty pleased to find some stickers that went really well with my theme.
Here's a close up:
Well that's it for me this week, I'll be back next week for another share.
Good luck coping with the craziness!!

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