Thursday, 4 June 2015


Last weekend we had our first big day - Awesome with an R!

Myself and the fabulous Emma Zappone - also known as Kit the Habit, organised and held our first BIG event!
We were thrilled to have the super talented Natalie May as our first Guest Teacher! It was so great to have Nat there for the day.  We are so thankful and so in awe of her work.
Lots of planning and prepping had been going on for months behind the scene, and the day was finally HERE!
We hired the Auburn Hall, and 14 women from near and far came to be taught 3 classes! It was so great to see everyone again.....I have really missed everyone since leaving the shop.

Natalie May, me and Emma Zappone
The Page I taught
Card made from leftovers of kit
Project Life spread made from leftovers of kit
Emma's Awesome Page
Nat's amazing messy page
And a few extra pics:


Throughout the day, there was a lot of laughter, and yes, a few tears too.  I love that we can offer a day out for ladies, full of creative energy, where they can relax, be spoilt and get away from their 'crazy' busy lives for a little while and find some time for themselves, and hopefully re-energise!  We really wanted this day to re-inspire people to scrap again.  So many of the ladies hadn't done any creative scrapping for a long time, so for me, the best part of the day was seeing people re-discover their joy for our wonderful craft.  I love the magic that happens when a room full of women get together and get creative!! It really is magic and an absolute privilege to witness and be a part of.

Unfortunately a couple of people had left early due to football commitments when this photo was taken.....but the fun and craziness and togetherness kinda sums up the day.

And I just had to add this photo.......altered by my dear friend Gaye! Love it!! Thankyou Gaye...I especially love the broom!
Thankyou so much to everyone who came along and supported us and was a part of the first Scrap Awrsome!
Thankyou to my gorgeous partner in crime... Emma.  I absolutely love working with you!!  I'm so grateful that scrapping brought you into my are an absolute treasure.
A special thankyou also to Natalie May....thankyou for coming up to Clare and teaching...for being out ROCKSTAR! and for the fun and friendship that we have.  
I look forward to the next one!!


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